The Silver Lining

Centre for Knowledge, Therapy and Wellness


Organizations that focus on their staff’s mental wellbeing reap significant direct benefits such as lower absenteeism, higher productivity and lower attrition; as well as indirect benefits through better morale and increased efficiency; as employees are able to work at their best when they are in a more positive frame of mind.

Usually, an external counselling service provider is hired to provide employees with access to counselling and related services as this helps the organizations maintain confidentiality and privacy, which are the cornerstones of any counselling relationship.

Employees perform better when they have access to counselling facilities to help them sort work-related issues, relationship issues, parenting troubles, and focus on wellness and self-development.


“One day or Day One? You decide.”

Life coaching can help leaders, managers and employees manage stress at work and enable them to build resilience to cope with changes.

Breakthrough Coaching uses NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) processes to coach individuals to create coherence and alignment in every area of life. Whatever the focus – career, work-life balance, managing competing priorities or gaining clarity around key issues – an individual feels more in control of life after the breakthrough process.

Breakthrough Coaching is fast, effective and comfortable. It is ideal for overcoming addictions, fear of public speaking, anxiety, any blockage to success, negative self-talk, or old beliefs that are holding one back.

It helps individuals live in alignment with their values, connect with their authentic self and create and execute their own personal vision for the future.