The beautiful journey of life is often viewed as a roller-coaster ride with several ups and downs, twists and turns. The Silver Lining Wellness Centre aims to elevate the positive experience that is life by bringing individuals closer to achieving their dreams.

Even the worst of events have some positive outcomes. We aim to help individuals function at their optimal levels by bringing to their notice the pleasant, hopeful side of even the most adverse situations.

We offer a wide range of services for people across all age groups – children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens – to help them lead more fulfilling lives. Enrichment programs are available for individuals to assist them in living life to their fullest potential.

We also offer employee assistance programs, life coaching services and training workshops for corporates and educational institutions.

We believe the area of mental health is still largely neglected in India. We strive to make our facilities available to everyone in need. We are open to collaborating with non-profit organizations and NGOs to ensure mental health facilities are accessible to everyone in need. 

"Life is beautiful." 

The Silver Lining

Centre for Knowledge, Therapy and Wellness